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Orthotics are useful to treat various foot problems.

Your Feet - A Vital Role in all Movements

Your feet are an integral part of your body and play a vital role in all your movements from the moment you stand up. The feet absorb the pressure generated by the body and help you in walking, running, jogging and in simply standing as well. With a single foot consisting of 26 bones,  33 joints and over 120 muscles and nerves, it is no surprise that people run into foot problems every now and again. According to AOFAS (American Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Society), around 75% of the total American population suffers from different foot problems. In the UK, plantar fasciitis and heel spurs are one of the most common complaints doctors hear about. 

Types of Foot Problems

There are a number of different foot problems that people suffer from and all of these problems usually cause foot pain that makes it difficult to perform normal daily activities. The problems include: 


The problem usually affects the big or the small toe and is caused by the abnormal growth of a bone at the toe’s base. The problem causes a deformity of toes with the big toe arching towards the smaller toes and this usually leads to pain during any sort of movement. 


Hammertoe is a very frequently occurring problem and usually affects the three middle toes. The toe joints usually curl up and become either rigid or greatly flexible in this condition. The problem leads to the permanent dislocation of the toe joints and causes considerable foot pain. 

Foot Ulcers due to Diabetes

Foot ulcers can cause problems though they go away easily until and unless the person is suffering from diabetes. In case of diabetes, foot ulcers last longer and become harder to treat. Foot ulcers are affecting older people the most.

Heel Spurs

Heel spurs is a similar condition to Plantar Fasciitis in the sense that it causes pain in the arch of the foot and the heel. The pain is caused by a bony outgrowth. 

  Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis is the name given to the condition in which inflammation of Plantar Fascia takes place. Plantar Fascia is a group of connective tissues and they connect the base of the foot with the heel. When the connective tissues become inflamed as a result of a major tear or an accumulation of minor tears, pain is felt every time pressure is put on the arch of the foot.

Causes and Risk Factors of Foot Problems

There are a number of causes of foot problems and avoiding these risk factors can help you in staying away from foot problems. The causes include:


Any sort of physical contact can rupture a muscle or tear a ligament and this can lead to considerable pain. People who play contact sports usually remain at great risk of foot injuries. 


Since the feet absorb the body’s pressure, they are always under certain stress. Everybody’s feet are designed to carry a weight in proportion to their own size. If your body is over-weight then the pressure that will have to be absorbed by your feet will be greater and this will get them overstressed. This would result in minor tears developing all over tissues and ligaments and would lead to one of the many conditions that cause foot pain. 

Inappropriate Footwear

Footwear which doesn’t fit can cause your feet huge problems. This is because when your feet need to adjust in a tighter space, the pressure of the body isn’t absorbed appropriately by each part of the foot. This results in overstressing of a few areas and this eventually leads to foot pain.  While walking long distances is often great for your health, if you would do so in footwear that doesn’t fit, you will create problems for yourself. 

How Orthotics can Help?

Orthotics are great as they provide support to your feet so that they are given much needed reprieve. supporting the feet is important and orthotics do just that. The custom made shoe inserts would actually conform to your feet and help in ensuring that your feet are never out of shape and are never over stressed. It is important to actually consult your doctor before going to buy orthotics on your own as you must talk about the kind of orthotics which would suit your requirements the best. 

All in all, treatment with orthotics is great as the method can solve almost all types of foot problems including Plantar Fasciitis, Bunions, and Hammertoes etc. They don’t only help in providing pain relief but also ensure that you don’t need to take any drastic measures like surgery to get yourself rid of foot pain. 


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